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Commercial Bed Bug Pest Control Services

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If you are keen, you will notice that bed bugs have received a lot of attention in the past couple of years. As a result, you think you understand everything about them. They are pesky vampires that come out to bite at night. And given their name, they are found in residential homes? Well, yes, they are little vampires. But no, they don’t only bite at night, and no, they aren’t found in residential homes only. Their name leaves a lot of information untold. So before we get into how we can help salvage your business premises and brand, here are some secrets to know.

Bed bugs live anywhere

The fact that they are called ‘Bed bugs,’ people think they can only be found in homes. And if it’s a commercial setting, then hotels, college dorms, hospitals, Airbnbs, trains, and the like are at risk. But while bed bugs are found in these areas, they also thrive in regular office spaces, buses, trains, retail stores, and movie theatres. So yes, if your employees have been complaining of bites, there is a high chance it could be bed bugs.

Bed bugs don’t just live in the city

Many people think bed bugs are a thing for third world countries and cities. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Even if you run your business outside of the city, you still could have a bed bug infestation in your hands. Sure, urban areas are three times more likely to get bed bugs than rural areas, but you cannot rule them out entirely in rural areas.

Bed bugs are hardy

They truly live up to their vampire name. Bed bugs can live for months without a blood meal. This means they can linger in the office chairs for months until they come across a human host. Moreover, bed bugs are resilient. They can survive high temperatures and low temperatures. Because of this, they are not pests you want to treat with DIY methods. Commercial bed bug services are your best bet to getting back your office space and business.

Bed bugs are smart

We know this is the last adjective you’d use to describe a bed bug, but it is spot on. With their sharp survival instincts and elusive behavior, they can conduct covert missions biting your employees and go undetected. Depending on the office layout, they will feed and crawl back to their hiding places between the office tables, under the carpet, in the office plugs, and crevices in the walls.

They are methodical

Once they are settled in, they have a predictable feeding pattern. When a bed bug locates a host, it feeds for between five to ten minutes and then leaves. The only evidence they’ll leave behind (depending on your body’s allergic reactions) are bite marks in rows or clusters.

They are skilled at anesthesiology

People wonder how they do not feel a bed bug bite at the moment. This is because their saliva has anesthetic properties and also works to increase blood flow to the point of incision. This makes the process fast and painless. Also, a single blood meal can last a bed bug up to ten days.

Now that you know your enemy, here’s how we will help you fight and win.

Our Commercial Bed Bug Services

Once you notice you have a bed bug problem, you need to act fast. Any day or week you waste gives the bed bugs the time to grow and the infestation to get bigger.

Our Bed Bug Control Process

We understand that bed bugs have come back with a vengeance. And while we are at the front line leading the battle against bed bugs, we also understand that your business needs to continue running. As such, we have created a foolproof commercial bed bug treatment method for our clients:


We are all about efficiency and effectiveness in eradicating bed bugs. And the only way we win is when we understand the extent of the infestation and which areas in the office are hard hit. When you call for bed bug treatment, we start by inspecting your business premises to determine the extent of the infestation and the right course of action required.

We work with trained and experienced professionals. So while you may be unsure of the pests invading your office, our team can tell them apart from stink bugs and bat bugs. In some situations, we use specialized tools for the task.


After inspection, we present you with custom bed bug treatment options that are ideal for your situation. The treatment options we recommend depends on several factors, including the size of the bed bug infestation, size of your property, and your preference for chemical or non-chemical treatment.

Once we pick a solution, we deploy professionals to carry it out and work with your timelines and schedule.

Follow up

Bed bugs are elusive. To ensure that the initial treatment worked as expected, we keep in touch and schedule a follow-up inspection to determine whether any adjustments are necessary.

Our Bed Bug Treatment Options

We can use these treatments independently or in a unique combination.

  • Steam – our trained professional will treat every crack and crevice in the office with steam or hot vapors to destroy bed bugs. The treatment is targeted to ensure delicate items are untouched. But the furniture and other hiding places will get special treatment to preserve their quality.
  • Heat remediation – bed bugs are resilient, but they cannot withstand heat levels above 1200F. We will prepare the offices or rooms for maximum effectiveness. Our trained professionals will then power up industrial heaters to raise temperatures in the rooms to kill bed bugs along with their eggs. Our technician will monitor the temperatures in these areas to ensure that they are enough to kill the pesky little creatures.
  • Fumigation – with serious bed bug infestation, we recommend controlled fumigation. With this treatment, our technician supervises a licensed fumigator and ensures the work is of top-notch quality.
  • Conventional pest control – in some situations, we find that the best and most effective bed bug treatment is pest control materials (powder and liquids) with long-lasting effects. But even as we use these, we have you, your employees, and clients in mind. We also ensure that they don’t get in your way but are effective against bed bugs.

Examples of commercial premises that we handle

Any place of business is a go for our commercial bed bug treatment services. These establishments include:

  • Hospitals
  • Gyms
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Campgrounds
  • Theaters
  • Offices

Why should you hire us for the job?

Years of experience

Our team of professionals are trained and have vast knowledge and experience dealing with bed bugs. As such, we understand their tactics and employ tricks that will kill them without you incurring unnecessary costs.

Our experience is also in the high tech tools that we use. The team is skilled enough to know when the job is done and when more treatment is needed.

We work with your schedule

With commercial establishments, we are conscious of the fact that you need to continue making money. For this reason, we purpose to work around your schedule. In most cases, we work early in the morning or late at night to ensure you remain operational and don’t lose revenue during this period.

Custom made treatment methods

All bed bug infestation situations are different. As such, bed bug treatments are not a one size fits all solution. We work closely with you to recommend and decide the best treatment solution based on the size of the infestation, cost, and the size of your structure.


We offer a guarantee on our bed bug treatment services. And in the off chance that the bed bugs come back, so will we. We will not stop until your premises is bed bug-free.

Technical equipment

Bed bug treatment is only as effective as the weakest treatment tool you use. To improve our chances of success, we invest in high tech bed bug treatment machinery. Not only do these tools increase our chances of ridding your business of bed bugs, but they also ensure that the process is safe.

In the case of heat treatment, we use industry-grade tools to contain the heat and get the job done fast.

Free appointments

No one plans for a bed bug infestation. So to help ease your burden, we provide free appointments and inspections. During the inspection, you get to learn more about your bed bug situation and how to handle it effectively and quietly.

Quick response

The longer the bed bug infestation lingers, the worse it gets. We understand this and therefore make a point of responding to all inquiries like emergencies. We don’t want you to pay more than you should. Also, since early detection helps save costs, we guide employees on how they can detect bed bugs and what to do before we arrive to contain the situation.

If you see or receive reports of bed bugs in your premises, act fast. Call us on 888-681-5908 and book a free appointment for a free inspection and a quote.