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Residential Bed Bug Treatment Services

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For some time in the 20th century, bed bugs terrorized individuals in their homes. But after some measures and chemicals were used, they disappeared for some decades, only to return in the 1990s. Entomologists believe their return is related to increased travel and the ban on DDT.

Today, it doesn’t matter if you have the cleanest home, if you’ve opened your suitcase in a hotel room, you might have brought bed bugs back home. And once they are back home with you, they take over in no time and are difficult to eliminate. But that’s where our residential bed bug treatment services come in.

When should you call us?

Below are some signs to know you have bed bug problems.

Red and itchy bites

Many people don’t entertain the thought of having bed bugs in their homes until they discover linear or clustered bite marks on their bodies. The flat red marks can appear a day or two after the actual bite, and their intensity depends on your body’s reaction. While the bites don’t transmit diseases, they are irritating, and scratching could lead to bleeding and infections.

Uncomfortable nights

Bed bugs are often found in beds where humans spend their nights. However, if you sleep on the couch for several consecutive nights, you will find them there as well. The fact that they are called bed bugs doesn’t mean that they are relegated to the bed. They will move to where the host is and hide in the nearest dark space.

Marked arm and shoulder

Bed bugs feed on the body parts that are often exposed when you are asleep. For most people, these are the shoulders and arms. At times, they can crawl to your back. However, it’s important to note that their bites are different from that of chiggers and fleas because the later prefer to bite around the ankle.

Buggy bed

This is a sure sign of a bed bug infestation. Once the bed bugs feed, they leave behind some bloodstains (assuming you squished them in your sleep). Also, you can come across molting around the edges of your bed. Bed bugs molt as they grow into adults.

A musky smell

If there is an unpleasant, musky smell in your home, then it is a sign that you have a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs usually release pheromones that you can only notice when you are close enough or when they are large in number. The smell is usually strong and unmistakable.

To be sure of your bed bug infestation situation, you should do a quick check

  • Inspect your beds – check in the corners of the beds and the mattress seams. If possible, use a flashlight and a magnifying glass. You will be looking for bloodstains or molted skin.
  • Inspect your rooms – after you’ve searched the beds, move to the other rooms. Check any item that is upholstered, including the couches, chairs, and the edges of your carpet. Look behind and in the dressers, under the bed, and behind the headboard.
  • Check-in your closet- bed bugs love dark places. As such, the closet is perfect since they get to cling in clothing as well. Before you wear clothing, inspect them for bed bugs. Always check the seams to be sure.

Our Residential Bed Bug Treatment Services

If you believe you have a bed bug infestation, give us a call. Below is our bed bug treatment process.


Once you’ve inspected your home and ascertained you have a bed bug problem, call us for treatment. But even if you aren’t sure of the infestation, call us, and we’ll confirm the situation for you.

Before we start treatment, we need to understand the size of the infestation in your home, the most affected areas, and if you’ve tried any products before.

We like to think of ourselves as bed bug infestation doctors. In the same way, a doctor will not prescribe medication without running tests or knowing the symptoms; we will not start treatment until we know what we are dealing with. Moreover, we find that knowing our enemy increases our chances of victory.

After the call, we deploy our trained professionals to inspect your home for free, provide the best treatment option and a quotation.


Handling residential bed bug treatment is tricky because of your family. Luckily for you, the bed bug treatments we recommend are eco-friendly solutions. We can conduct our treatment options, even if you have kids or pets. Among our most efficient bed bug treatment is heat treatment.

Heat treatment

Bed bugs are resilient creatures. However, they cannot withstand temperatures above 1130 F. The process can take anywhere between 15 and 60 minutes.

The heat treatment is more like being in a sauna. It penetrates every nook and cranny and ensures that the bed bugs have no hiding places.

But at such high temperatures, the treatment is dangerous without the right equipment. But unlike most bed bug treatment businesses, we’ve invested in high-tech, safe to use heat treatment kits.

After a single treatment, your bed bug treatment will be gone. But even then, we still conduct follow-ups. This treatment is ideal because:

  • Bed bugs cannot hide from or resist heat like they can with pesticides
  • The method is natural and does not put your family’s health at risk
  • We shall have you back in your home in the same day
  • The heat kills bed bugs in every stage of development
  • It treats the entire house
  • You get peace of mind that the bed bugs are truly gone

Follow up

We are all about delivering quality treatment services. To ensure you don’t deal with a bed bug re-infestation, we conduct follow-ups after two weeks. If any adjustments are necessary, we follow through.

Benefits of our residential bed bug treatment services

No one should ever feel uncomfortable in their own home, whether it’s during bed bug treatment or not. Our main goal is to make minimal disruptions to your daily home routine and still get the job done. Working with us you;

  • Get free inspection and quotation – no one ever wishes for a bed bug infestation on themselves. As such, we provide a free inspection to ascertain the extent of the infestation and provide a quote based on our findings and the agreed treatment approach. You will not pay a penny more than you have to.
  • Resume normal life soon – depending on the bed bug treatment; you might be forced out of your home for a couple of days. This translates into additional hotel costs. However, we are determined to use non-invasive and eco-friendly treatments that will have you back in your home in no time. Our treatment methods are safe for homes with kids and pets. With our heat treatment, for instance, you’ll be back to your home on the same day.
  • Are guaranteed quality results – we are not in the business of delivering half-baked results. We believe in quality and following through on our promise. This way, we conduct follow up inspections to ensure no bed bug survived our treatment.
  • Get professionals and years of experience – handling bed bugs is not an easy process. If the treatment is to be a success, the technician needs the working knowledge of treating bed bugs and field experience of the same. Under our wings is a team of trained professionals with years of experience under their belt.
  • Benefit from affordable costs – residential bed bug treatment can be expensive. We are conscious of this and therefore offer you value for your money. We keep our treatment standards high and our prices low. And with the free inspection and quotation, you get to save some money in the process.
  • Get a team ready to work with your schedule -we understand you need your privacy and minimal interruptions in your life. As a company, we pride ourselves on honesty and transparency. We deploy our professionals to work in your home conveniently and with your schedule. If you leave home early, we will come in, complete treatment, and hand back your home keys when you come back. But even with our flexibility, bear in mind that bed bug treatment requires several hours to complete and cannot be done in phases.
  • Customized treatment – every home is different. We come in ready to provide custom treatment depending on the bed bug situation at home.

Complete bed bug protection

With our timely, affordable, and custom residential treatment plans, we will rid your home of bed bugs for good. Our specialists will come in, ascertain your needs, and put your mind to ease with a high-quality treatment plan.

The first step to living a bed bug-free life is making an appointment. Call us for a free residential bed bug inspection at 888-681-5908 or contact us through our website to find out why we are the best in bed bug residential treatment.

We will also give you a free quotation based on the custom bed bug treatment plan we create for you.