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Does Cedar Repel Fleas?


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If you usually let your dog out, especially in warm, moist, and shady areas, then be ready for a flea invasion. Unfortunately, you won’t only find fleas in your dog’s coat, but you’ll also find these biting insects spreading everywhere in your house.

You might think of eliminating and repelling these harmful bugs using harsh chemical sprays. However, these chemicals may have detrimental effects on your pet and even your family’s health.

Fortunately, you can stop this flea infestation and prevent future ones by using natural insecticides made from natural ingredients. The best part is that you can do them yourself at home. For instance, some people use cedar to repel fleas, but the question here is, “Does cedar really repel fleas?”

Short Answer

Yes, cedar is known to repel fleas because they don’t like the cedar aroma. That’s why fleas will try their best to avoid it and get away from any place with this smell around.

So, you can prepare a natural insecticide at home using cedar oil in a spray form. However, if the flea’s problem is getting bigger and these insects are spreading everywhere, it’s time to get serious; you should use cedarwood shavings or chips and cedar mulch.

With this combination, you won’t only repel them but also kill fleas found in your dog’s fur, front lawn, and backyard.

Ways to Use Cedar in Killing Fleas

Since cedar is an effective flea-repellant, you can use it in various forms to get rid of these pesky bugs. Now, let’s see the different ways.

Ways to Use Cedar in Killing Fleas

Cedarwood Oil

You can make your natural repellent by diluting the cedarwood intensive oil, putting it in a spray bottle, and spraying it on your pets and furniture. To dilute cedar oil, mix it with water. For example, combine 1.3% cedar oil with 98.7% water to get rid of fleas.

How Does Cedarwood Oil Kill Fleas?

Cedarwood oil helps in removing the moisture from fleas. So, they’ll dry and eventually die. But unfortunately, it’ll also disrupt the pheromones that help regulate insects’ body functions.

In addition, it’d break down the fat particles in fleas resulting in killing them, mainly if it’s used at the earlier stages of the flea’s life. This means that you can use cedarwood oil to kill flea larvae, flea pupae, and flea eggs.

And since it isn’t toxic to plants, animals, or humans, you can apply it to them as a flea prevention measure. The smell will definitely discourage fleas from coming back.

Cedar Chips and Shavings

Cedar chips and shavings come from various cedar trees. Besides being used to protect plant roots, they excrete natural oils with a strong odor that works wonders in killing and repelling fleas.

Fleas hate their smell and tend to turn away from any place with this aroma. Interestingly, the smell can be intensified if you wet these chips, which will help release the cedar oil that repels fleas.

It’s important to spread the chips in shady areas that fleas usually hum around, especially in your yard, outdoor furniture, and dog’s bedding. Additionally, mowing right over the cedar chips and shavings will turn them into powder, which will repel fleas even more. You can also sprinkle this insect repellent powder along your fence to prevent fleas from returning.

Furthermore, to keep your house and dog’s fur free of a flea infestation for a long time, add fresh cedar chips and shavings every 3-6 months to your dog’s bedding, front yard, and porch furniture. However, monitor your dog while they’re around as they might cause gastric upsets, abrasions to the dog’s mouth, or blockages if swallowed.

Cedar Mulch

Cedar mulch is derived from the cedar tree’s bark. Gardeners use it because of its scent and durability. They also use it as an effective flea-repellant. However, be careful because cedar mulch can damage plants as it depletes the soil from nitrogen. Hence, mixing the mulch with the plant’s soil is not recommended.

Also, you have to make sure that this mulch is actually made from cedar. This is because it’s one of the most expensive types out there; therefore, sometimes it’s not actually cedar-derived.

Other Natural Remedies for Getting Rid of Fleas

The good news is that there are a lot of natural remedies to eliminate fleas. Some of them are as follows:

  • Salt: This is an effective flea remedy because it dehydrates fleas and makes sure your house is flea-free. Note that you have to vacuum your home after applying salt.
  • Diatomaceous Earth: This is a fine powder that’s safe for both humans and pets. Just sprinkle some over the infested areas, and wait for the magic to happen. Make sure to vacuum it off any tile or wood floors afterward.
  • Lemon Spray: Lemon is a potent repellant for fleas. Start by preparing the spray and then apply this citrus solution to areas of infestation. However, don’t soak the spots.
  • Rosemary: Another effective flea-repellant here. It’s safe to use on pets and in your home. But note that this is only a repellant; it’s not a flea killer.
  • Herbal Flea Spray: Mix vinegar, lemon juice, and water, and you got yourself a handy natural flea remedy.
  • Dish Soap: You can create a flea trap using dish soap. You’ll add some soap and warm water in a bowl, place it beside a lamp, and wait for the fleas to get trapped in this mix.
  • Baking Soda: Drop some baking soda into carpets, floors, and other furniture, then rub it in and leave it for a while. After that, start vacuuming your home and dispose of the vacuum bags later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Fleas Hate Cedar?

Thujone is the prominent fleas’ repellent chemical found in cedar. So when you spray cedar oil or leave chips and shavings around, this chemical will be released and will repel this insect and kill it too.

Are Cedarwood Chips Toxic to Cats?

Yes. Certain types of cedar wood chips contain toxic levels of terpenes and phenol, which are organic aromatic compounds that can be fatal to cats if consumed. As a result, you should never use chips with your cat unless they’re specifically labeled as cat-safe. However, you can use wondercide cedar oil, which is safe for your pet cat.

But it’s better to use a natural flea repellant containing lemon essential oil or apple cider vinegar instead of cedar oil if your cat suffers from a flea infestation.

Is Cedar Oil Poisonous to Dogs?

No, cedar oil is considered a safe, natural repellant for fleas.

Can I Use Cedar Shavings With Pregnant Animals Around?

No, it’s not recommended to use cedar shavings when pregnant dogs or newborn puppies are around, as the shavings can be infected with some kinds of harmful bacteria.

Is Cedar Effective Against Fleas Only?

No, cedar can be used to kill both fleas and ticks. So, you can use this natural remedy to get rid of these insect pests.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get rid of the annoying fleas in your home, but you’re worried about your pets and family, then you can use a natural repellant such as cedar. You can prepare it using diluted cedar oil and then spray a few drops on your pet bedding, dog’s fur, and furniture.

Moreover, you can prevent any future flea infestation by sprinkling wet cedar wood shavings and chips all around your lawn. This way, you’ll make sure that your residence is free of these insects since cedar will spread its chemical fumes that annoy the fleas and force them to abandon your place for good.