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Does Dawn Dish Soap Kill Fleas?


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Fleas can be a huge disturbance once they invade your space. Once they’re in, they’re everywhere. This is because they reproduce quickly, and if not handled appropriately, you and your dog may face serious problems. For instance, fleas can swiftly infest your carpets and furnishings, spreading throughout your home.

Whenever you feel you have fleas in your home, your main objective is to eliminate them as quickly as possible without jeopardizing your pet’s health. And Dawn Dish Soap can help with that.

There’s still a lot of confusing information about Dawn Dish Soap and fleas. So let’s clear things up and get to the bottom of the all-so-important question: Does Dawn Dish Soap kill fleas?

Can Dawn Dish Soap Kill Fleas?

Yes, Dawn Soap kills fleas and even flea eggs. Exoskeletons on fleas allow them to float in water. Therefore, Dawn Dish Soap generates a surface tension that weakens the shell and causes fleas to sink. Ultimately, the fleas are drowned by the soap.

Before going through the details, let’s have a look at what Dawn Dish Soap is.

What Is Dawn Dish Soap?

Dawn Dish Soap is a well-known American detergent brand that was first produced in 1973. It’s famous for its capacity to effectively remove dirt and grime as well as for being efficient in cleaning oil from wildlife creatures’ fur and feathers.

It’s a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used for everything, from cleansing accidents in the home to removing difficult stains from garments and upholstery.

What Is Dawn Dish Soap?

In addition, Dawn isn’t toxic and is widely accepted by the bulk of people who don’t have perfume intolerance. It also contains emulsifiers in the mix, which is the source of its outstanding cleansing ability.

These emulsifiers dissolve the barrier that separates oils or dirt from water. This process retains dirt, allowing you to remove it from materials such as dishes or clothing.

Additionally, emulsifiers help to lower the surface tension of water. This aids Dawn’s ability to eliminate fleas when combined with water.

Effects of Dawn Dish Soap on Fleas

Detergents are effective at killing insects, particularly those with delicate exterior bodies. But fleas and flea eggs are extremely light and have a robust shell that keeps water out. Because of these qualities, they’re able to float freely in water with high surface tensions. Unfortunately, dawn’s emulsifiers damage these shells, thereby lowering surface tension and forcing the fleas to drown.

Also, fleas have a waxy covering on their bodies called a cuticle that aids them in absorbing water. And their bodies are designed with little barbs that enable them to grab your pet’s coat with ease. However, dawn’s detergents dissolve this waxy cuticle, allowing water to enter the flea’s circulatory tract and essentially drown them. So even if fleas make it out of the water, removing the waxy covering might cause them to dry quickly.

Effects of Dawn Dish Soap on Fleas

However, you need to note that, even when submerged, fleas are difficult to drown. They can endure up to 24 hours submerged underwater. They might seem lifeless throughout this time, but they can recuperate in five hours after drying—Dawn Dish Soap’s thick bubbles aid in preventing this and hastening the drowning.

Also, fleas are able to breathe through microscopic holes in their exoskeleton. Dawn’s suds obstruct these holes, preventing oxygen uptake.

Does Dawn Dish Soap Eradicate Flea Infestations?

While Dawn Dish Soap destroys fleas, it does not deter them or prevent flea infestation. Consider it more of a band-aid kind of remedy than a lasting solution.

Fleas or flea eggs from the outside will just jump back on and resume the infestation process because only a small proportion of fleas remain on a pet anyway. So, Dawn Dish Soap can’t be your only solution to eliminate all the fleas.

Furthermore, flea infestations can rapidly outgrow their control. Adult fleas have the ability to lay up to 50 eggs daily. So even if 10% of the fleas breed, that’s 5 fleas from one female, and females will make up the bulk of the spawning fleas.

Dawn Dish Soap was never intended to be a flea deterrent, let alone one that can keep a large number of fleas and flea eggs at bay for a lengthy period.

Is Dawn Dish Soap Safe for Your Pet’s Skin or Fur?

Dawn Dish Soap is generally safe for most pets, provided that they don’t have any skin problems. However, the detergents in Dawn may aggravate the itchiness in pets with skin issues.

It’s important to mention that this detergent isn’t created specifically for the skin of animals. Animals’ top skin layer is typically softer and more susceptible to chemicals. So powerful detergents that aren’t a concern for us can irritate our pets’ more fragile skin, particularly if they already have skin issues.

Is Dawn Dish Soap Safe for Your Pet’s Skin or Fur?

On the other hand, humans are significantly more resistant to harsh detergents than pets are. This can be attributed to our tougher skins.

Ideally, Dawn Dish Soap is a great alternative for treating a few wandering fleas on your pet as a temporary cure. However, if fleas are a recurring problem, bathing your pet with the Dawn detergent on a frequent basis isn’t a smart idea. This can cause its skin to become extremely dry, resulting in a new condition.

Also, Dawn may cause skin irritation even more if your pet has many flea bites. If this is the case, you’ll just do more harm when using this soap.

When Should You Use Dawn Dish Soap?

Now, to the million-dollar question, when should you use Dawn to get rid of fleas and flea infestations? First, dawn Dish Soap should be used on young pups and kittens who are too immature for prophylactic flea treatment.

If fleas overrun your puppy or kitten and you need to eradicate the fleas right away, Dawn is your go-to remedy. However, it’s better to use a tiny amount of Dawn mixed with plenty of water for puppies and kittens. To minimize irritation, try to use the minimum amount.

How to Use Dawn Dish Soap Effectively

Dawn Dish Soap is a generally safe and efficient approach to kill fleas but can be used in various ways. Here are some recommendations for using Dawn to get rid of fleas:

Use Dawn Dish Soap to Prepare Your Pet’s Bath

The first way to use Dawn soap is in a bath. Here’s how:

  1. Begin by combining Dawn soap with a large amount of water. In a liter of water, two to three teaspoons will be enough
  2. To make a lather, thoroughly combine all ingredients and mix it up
  3. Completely wet your pet’s skin and fur
  4. Apply the soap and water mixture to your pet’s entire body
  5. Apply the solution to your pet’s head, paying special attention to the eyes. To avoid the solution, the fleas will immediately relocate to this location.
  6. Scrub thoroughly in any areas where fleas might hide. The underside of the ears, the legs, and the tail are examples of these places.
  7. Allow the solution to remain for five to ten minutes before removing the dead fleas using a flea comb or other fine-tooth comb.
  8. Rinse your pet well with warm water and repeat the procedure once more.

Above all, you want your dog to be as relaxed as possible during the flea cleanup process, so warm water is ideal.

Use Dawn Dish Soap to Clean Your Environment

You can use Dawn soap to clean your environment as well. Here’s how:

  1. In a spray bottle, combine one tablespoon of Dawn soap with two cups of water
  2. Using a spray bottle, spray the solution over the surface of your carpets
  3. Allow at least five to ten minutes for the solution to rest on the carpet
  4. Blot the carpet dry with a towel
  5. Vacuum the carpet to remove any fleas that are dead or dying
  6. Make sure the fleas are trapped in a bag or container
  7. Don’t let any fleas survive to prevent reinfesting the region

All bedding should be washed in hot water with ordinary laundry detergent and one spoonful of Dawn. After that, dry at the highest temperature.

Flea Traps

Dawn can be used to make flea traps for your house. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Fill a shallow pan halfway with water and a couple of drops of Dawn soap
  2. Place the trap near a sleeping location where your pet spends a lot of time
  3. Turn off all lights at night and set a lamp right over your trap. Because fleas are drawn to heat and light, they’ll rush to the trap and drown in the Dawn solution.

Final Thoughts

Dawn dish soap is a clinically effective technique to kill fleas, but it won’t keep them at bay if you don’t clean your environment appropriately. In addition, you need to note that Dawn Dish Soap is best used in one-time instances or in conjunction with other measures while trying to manipulate an infestation.

It’s harmless when used moderately, but it can cause skin irritation if used excessively.

The best thing you can do is have a flea prevention strategy in place, but if you do come across a stray flea now and then, you can use Dawn as a quick treatment so you can get back to enjoying time with your furry companion.